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A graduate of Oxford Brookes University and University of Western Australia during her twenty-five-year professional career, she has held the position of Managing Director at four Australian companies. and worked with multinationals like Chevron, Woodside, Exxon Mobile, ENI Shell, Inpex, MI, HOEC, and Baker Hughes International.

Today Merrian works with executives and businesspeople to get their lives and careers to "Take Off" drawing on her professional experience and much more...

Living an expatriate life for most of her career, travel is a great teacher, it challenges your beliefs systems, makes you question how you define people, places and your own identity. In addition, Merrian is a qualified Educator, a DeMartini Method Facilitator and a Magnetic Mind Coach and Practitioner.

The Magnetic Mind Process is currently revolutionizing the personal development world. Developing a magnetic mind allows you to create a life you love without having to fix yourself because you are not broken, you are simply in the wrong structure.

The SUPERCONSCIOUS RECODE is a new revolutionary process and its helping people Recode their brain in just minutes by removing their biggest inner blocks and stuck emotions....

Using the Superconscious Recode, Merrian has created the PERFORMANCE PATHWAY and lives her life by the Five Ps Principles! These can be easily applied to all areas of life.

The 5P's are:

  • Passion - create a life you love without struggle.
  • Presence - be present in the NOW not reliving the past
  • Perseverance - to achieve your full potential
  • Participation - you need to BE it, to SEE it
  • Performance - take inspired action

These FIVE Principles have helped her create what she loves. As an educator, coaching people to create a life they love and reach their full potential is her life's mission.

Merrian offers one on one coaching sessions, group recode sessions and 12-week programme to get you into your creative orientation.

Merrian is the Author of "Taking Off" and lives in Perth WA.

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